Cucine Lube Civitanova is preparing to return to the gym in reduced ranks in view of the 2022/23 season. After the staff summit scheduled for Wednesday 17 August, on the morning of Thursday 18 a first group of Italian champions will meet at the palas to receive the technical material and carry out the usual medical examinations. In the afternoon the members will break the ice with the activity in the weight room. Five members of the squad will be present at Thursday’s rally: the libero Francesco D’Amico, the middle blocker Enrico Diamantini, the spiker Mattia Gottardo, the setter Daniele Sottile and the opposite Ivan Zaytsev.

“In the last week of August the Puerto Rican opposite Gabi Garcia Fernandez will also join the group – anticipates team manager Matteo Carancini – the Puerto Rican has just returned from training with the US national team. In the first days of September we could have the Brazilian middle blocker Isac Viana Santos at our disposal, who will not take part in the World Championship to be at the top with Lube ”. Following, depending on the path in the World Championship with the respective selections, will be available the Argentine setter and new captain of the Lube Luciano De Cecco, the French middle blocker Barthelemy Chinenyeze, the Cuban spiker Marlon Yant and the three blues, or the middle blocker Simone Anzani, libero Fabio Balaso and the spiker Mattia Bottolo. Side Aleksandar Nikolov will be the last to join the group as he will participate with Bulgaria in the seniors and European youth championships. “There are some new faces on the roster – recalls Carancini – The Lube veterans will play a crucial role in the training of our young talents. We have rejuvenated the team by including some players who, despite their identity cards, already have important experiences also at an international level, know how to win and have a good foundation from a mental point of view. Obviously, this new group will need a running-in period! ”.