Ernesto Torchia back to Reggio Emilia

Great return to home Volley Tricolore, Ernesto Torchia returns to the Reggio ranks after three years of Serie A3: “When I left Reggio Emilia, where it all started for me, I knew it would never be a real goodbye but a goodbye. I always thought I left a job halfway: next season I’ll be back to complete it ”.

The free Lametino born in 1998 knows the Reggio club well, admitting that he has never stopped cheering and following the results obtained live. He certainly expects some changes, especially from the point of view of the organization of the technical work in the gym: “We will face a year of intense physical work, I am sure that the company will set up an excellent group with which it will be stimulating to train. The technical staff is of a high standard, both in the gym and in the weight room we will be followed very well; there are the right ingredients for each of us to achieve a path of personal growth, for my part I will always give my best “.