Filippo Pugnalini with Tinet

Another important addition to the Tinet youth sector staff. This is Filippo Pugnalini, a 24-year-old Tuscan from the province of Siena. He began his volleyball experience in the youth sector of Emma Villas Siena, with whom he had the opportunity to make two national finals and participate in a Junior League as well as in the Serie C championship. coach, gaining experience in Sarteano where he was directly involved in the promotional sector (S3 and U13) and was an assistant in all the other men’s teams of the club. After participating in the Big Camp of Trentino Volley as an athlete, he consolidated his relationship with Dario Sanna and Francesco Gagliardi who saw in him excellent potential, so much so that he proposed to move to Friuli to face a new experience. Filippo this season will be in charge of the U13 women’s first coach, but he will give a strong hand as Enrico Romanetto’s second in the women’s U16, as an assistant athletic trainer for the men’s U15 and as a scoutman for the U17 and U19 and consequently for Series D and Series C.