Gabriele Grimaldi and Massalubrense together

Gabriele Grimaldi

His left-handed arm is a lethal weapon. In attack, but also from 9 meters with the poisonous spin still in his eyes that sent Aci Castello’s reception into a tailspin during the key moments at PalaCatania. 19 points in the first year in Serie A from vice Lugli, and all the sense of belonging that only a child of the Sorrento Coast can put in every ball nailed to the taraflex to make those who firmly believe in this solid reality rejoice. Again in green and white, GABRIELE GRIMALDI!

First season in Serie A just ended with 19 points to the credit, mainly concentrated in the tough match of Sabaudia where you were the absolute protagonist. What is your budget and what are your best memories?

“On a personal level, my first year in Serie A was mixed, but certainly positive. I start from the assumption that last summer I was a little afraid of the impact with the new category, and of not having the chance to prove that I could be there. By virtue of this, it was a great satisfaction for me to arrive in January, and to actively participate on the field in an important team victory like that of Sabaudia. I will always jealously guard the memory of that splendid trip! ”

You are among the few reconfirmations in an almost totally revolutionized group. What are your ambitions and how much desire do you have to carve out even more space during the season?

“The regular season ended several months ago, so the director Ruggiero immediately got to work starting from scratch and revolutionizing the roster with very interesting additions. I have always believed that the collective comes before the individual athlete, so the main goal is to aim as high as possible in terms of rankings. Personally, I will work hard to improve and make more space on the taraflex, which remains a fundamental goal for my sporting career. I take this opportunity to greet all my old teammates, wishing them luck and satisfaction for their respective careers “.