Giacomo Raffaelli back to Siena

Top Volley CISTERNA - Kioene PADOVA, 2ª giornata Superlega Credem Banca, Campionato Italiano di Pallavolo Maschile Serie A1 2021-22.

June 30, 2015, Emma Villas announces the arrival of the very young Giacomo Raffaelli. A debut in Serie A for both, for Siena, newly promoted, and for the spiker originally from Grosseto promised by Club Italia.

June 24, 2022. The story between Giacomo and Emma Villas Aubay Siena begins here again. In seven years Raffaelli (born in 1995) has gained experience by treading the SuperLega field with Ravenna and Cisterna, he has experienced a foreign championship like the French one, he continued to wear the blue jersey with which he had won the bronze in the very year of his first arrival in Siena with Michele Totire’s Under 23 team, he posted a 2018 Challenge Cup and a gold at the 2019 Universiade.

“I had left good memories in Siena despite the normal difficulties a club can have in their first season in Serie A. But both with the club and with some of the team-mates of the time they are still on excellent terms.

As for today’s Emma Villas, I followed all the events related to the transition to the highest category and the press conference of President Bisogno in which salvation was indicated as the first goal of this new season in the SuperLega. During construction we will then see what will be the new goals that we could reach. ”

Raffaelli was among the protagonists of the last excellent championship final of Cisterna in the 5th place playoffs.

“The experience with Cisterna last season shows that new goals can always arise. The 5th place playoffs are an important goal. It will not be easy to get there, not at all obvious, but it is another goal that we can and must consider. ”

“We should make a good group of course. – he adds – With Maarten (Van Garderen) I have a great friendship. We talk often with him and see each other every summer to spend a few days together. This is a great starting point for creating a group. ”

Raffaelli is the third name to be added to those of Petric and Van Garderen in the spikers department available to Coach Montagnani.