Good game for Pool Libertas

First of the season at PalaFrancescucci for a Pool Libertas Cantù with numerous absences. However, a good performance by the canturini in the presence of a very tough Moyashi Garlasco.

Coach Francesco Denora is forced to field a heavily rearranged formation, with Francesco Gianotti in the control room, Kristian Gamba opposite, Alessandro Galliani and Giuseppe Ottaviani in the band, Federico Mazza and Jonas Aguenier in the center, and Giacomo Rota free. From the third set space for Capitan Dario Monguzzi, and in the following set for the boys who had played less until that moment.

First set in which Moyashi tries to escape (5-7), to be reassembled and overcome (10-8); counter-pass by Garlasco (16-19), who lengthens and closes (20-25). At the beginning of the second set the guests try to escape (9-12), but the Pool Libertas impacts and overtakes with the turn serving Gamba (13-12); the final point to point rewards the Pavesi (22-25). In the third set Garlasco starts off like a rocket (2-7), but Cantù comes back down (9-10); Giannotti hits from nine meters, Moyashi stretches again (11-18), and stays ahead until the end (19-25). In the fourth set Garlasco tries to escape (3-6), but the canturini impact at 9 and carry on (16-19); the guests attempt a comeback, but the hosts close (22-25).

Top scorer of Canturini is Kristian Gamba with 23 balls on the ground, of which two aces and a block. Team attack for the canturini a little blunt (41%), but well against the wall (11 total, 3 each for Federico Mazza and Alessandro Galliani). He also performed well on the serve, with 4 aces against 13 errors.

“I accept all these defeats if we win them all in the championship – jokes Coach Francesco Denora -. Seriously, there is a lot of good in the performance, apart from the result: I saw an attentive team, which made very few trivial mistakes, if any. In the first set we managed the joke very well, we lacked a bit of clarity in attack, but it is also the daughter of the moment we are living, given that we are in full preparation and therefore a bit heavy. The thing I am very happy with is the week we have done: despite the injuries and the reduced roster at the moment, we have put a lot of quality into it, and this will bear fruit ”.