The friendly match played yesterday at the Banca Macerata Forum ends 2-2, where the red and white led by coach Gulinelli faced an opponent of absolute value such as Sieco Service Ortona, the next protagonist in A3 of the Girone Blu. The preparation of the Med Store Tunit starts therefore at the conclusion and at the end of the match the technical staff drew several interesting ideas from a hard-fought match that developed in four sets during which coach Gulinelli also gave space to the red and white youngsters.

The first set marks the trend of the race, with the two teams chasing each other and with Ortona who manages to carry on. Macerata chases and does not let the opponents escape, so in the final match he grows and grabs the 24-24, and then snatches the set from the advantages, 27-25. In the second set Ortona moves forward and this time manages to stretch, detaching the Med Store Tunit 14-21 before closing 19-25. In the wake of the good set played, the visiting team takes the lead, this time it is a close fight and only in the final Ortona manages to win by detaching the red and white, 20-25. The reaction of Med Store Tunit hits the guests in the fourth set, after a start still favorable to Ortona the men of coach Gulinelli take the advantage and control the game, 25-21.

Med Store Tunit Macerata: Morelli 18, De Col 4, Zappoli 9, Margutti 4, Paolucci 5, Kindgard 2, Wawrzynczyk 9, Sanfilippo 7, Gonzi 1, Pizzichini 4, Ravellino, Bacco 3, Gabbanelli. Coach Gulinelli