Brand new jerseys for Santa Croce

New season, new jerseys. No training, this morning, for the athletes of Kemas Lamipel, but Media Day at the Palazzetto and in the city, precisely at the “Campino del Prete” theater of the foundation of the Wolves in 1962. The boys patiently underwent the photographic sessions, under the “clutches” of the Press Office, making the photos for the Lega Volley, the films for the pre-match graphics and what is necessary for a Serie A club. The new Joma jerseys, first and second, including those of the free officially unveiled during a shooting at the aforementioned “campino”, complete with the original flag of the first “A.S. Lupi”, a banner carefully guarded by Eng. Gronchi took care to bring it with him, making it available for the usual photos with the representation of the athletes led by Leonardo Colli.