Jean Patry important extension

With the announcement of Jean Patry, Milan closes the roster for next season

Yes, Jean Patry is the last piece announced even though we had already defined the agreement with the athlete several months ago, we close with him because Jean is in his third year in Milan and represents one of the cornerstones of the Piazza team. We have tried to change very little on the roster especially as regards the owners, and therefore we are very happy that Jean has chosen to stay in Milan. I’m talking about a partially closed roster because on first examination it shows that there are still two free boxes: one is that of the second opposite and the other is that of one of the four hitter. The box of the second opposite is free because we still had Yuri Romanò under contract for another season. The boy, for his personal choice, has terminated the contract with us; We are sorry because we would have been very happy if he had stayed, this is no secret, but we gladly accept his choices and wish him the best of luck in Piacenza, really hoping that it can only be a goodbye. In the meantime, we are monitoring the international scene by making assessments from now to the start of the championship, we will certainly make two welcome entries to the technical staff.