Leo Shoes Casarano landed Marco Ulisse

The 2022-2023 roster of Leo Shoes Casarano is taking shape more and more, ready to dive, for the second consecutive season, into men’s A-3 series championship.

After the arrivals of Nicola Cianciotta and Federico Guadagnini, the sporting director Luigi Anastasia has fished another piece from the Marche region that responds to the name of Marco Ulisse.

In Fano youth leagues, born in 2001, the new red-blue athlete has just returned from an excellent year with the Loreto shirt (Serie B): at the end of the season, Ulisse was one of the best hitter in the group.

The volleyball career of the young athlete from the Marche began in Virtus Volley Fano with which he first played in all the youth categories and then landed for two consecutive years on the roster of the first team with which he faced the Serie A-3 championship (2019 / 20 and 2020/21).

Great technical and charismatic skills have entered the name of Ulisse in the notebook of the red-blue DS who has perfected his engagement in recent days.

These are the first statements of Ulisse: “I am very happy and excited to start this adventure in Casarano, a team that everyone talked to me about very well! The club is setting up a young and ambitious team and I’m sure there are all the conditions to have fun and get a lot of satisfaction!

I can’t wait to start, see you at the sports hall. “