Truocchio in S.Croce

A middle blocker school in Modena, but Tuscan by birth, for the new Kemas Lamipel 2022-23. Andrea Truocchio, born in 2000, 205 cm tall, was born in Pescia, near Pistoia, and took his first steps in the Pieve Volley club. A qualified youth sector like that of Modena Volley immediately set their sights on him, bringing him to Emilia and launching him into the orbit of the first team starting from the 2018-19 Superlega season. Still yellow and blue in the next, Truocchio had his first experience outside the “cantera” in Siena, in the Emma Villas 2020-21, descending to A2 after 13 appearances in the major division. Last summer the further passage to Castellana Grotte, BCC, under the skilled hands of Flavio Gulinelli, a coach particularly skilled in throwing young players. The young central player was able to play as a starter and was among the top ten central players in the category for performance, with an excellent 57% in attack, 206 total points and a good 50 points in blocks.
The first statements:
“I chose Lupi because it is an excellent volleyball reality, a serious high-level club that offers young people the opportunity to grow and improve. Also, after a few years away from home, I’m finally back in Tuscany! ”
“I was satisfied on an individual level with my season at Castellana Grotte. With S. Croce I will try to improve and grow even more so as to make an important contribution to the team “.
“At Kemas Lamipel, I always thought it was a team to be feared and respected. I can’t wait to enter the field and be supported by the enthusiastic supporters of Santa Croce “.