Massalubrense moving on

Daniele Buzzi

Two sealands live in symbiosis, with many stories in common from multiple points of view. Waves that embrace. From the southernmost city in the North, the Genoese Daniele Buzzi arrives in the Sorrento Peninsula. Great presence in the 3 meters: 215 points scored last season in that of Ottaviano, and a lot of solidity in the service of the team.

After the excellent season held in Ottaviano, Campania remains your adoptive land by defending the colors of the Folgore Massa. What convinced you to accept the green-and-white project?

“Certainly the frankness and sincerity with which the company has always dealt with me since the first contacts. He made me understand that he wanted me strongly, and in two days we closed the agreement without problems. A level team has been built at the Folgore, and I want to repeat myself after the last season I played as a protagonist in Ottaviano “.

As an opponent, the two games of last season saw first Ottaviano and then Folgore going away. What struck you about Mr. Esposito’s team?

“Certainly the green-and-white team’s change of course after the first leg match lost against Ottaviano in Agerola. Since then she has managed to collect many points, scoring a string of useful results, and conquering important scalps along the way. When we returned to our home we did not expect to lose: we were playing with important chances to avoid extending the season to the play-outs, and that defeat marked our destiny leading us towards the play-off lottery salvation “.

The pressure doesn’t seem to scare you: personal point record (17) in the most important game of the season in game 3 of play-out. What are your expectations and where do you think this thunderbolt can go?

“I believe that through work, this team can easily stay in the high places of the standings. At the beginning it will be necessary to find the right chemistry, because there are many new guys that have never played together, but there are all the conditions for doing well. I am charged, and without fear because despite still having so much to learn, I have already had the opportunity to know the pitfalls that this category can hide. I can’t wait to start and embrace the fans who know how to be really good in Campania. “