First press conference for Andrea Anastasi

The official presentation of the new Sir Safety Susa Perugia coach Andrea Anastasi took place this morning.
In front of the media and alongside the company number one Gino Sirci, Anastasi spoke about his new adventure and answered the questions of the local reporters with his always calm and direct way.
This is the most significant step.
“I’m going back to Italy after several years, it wasn’t a priority but it’s obviously a pleasure. I arrive in Perugia in one of the best clubs in the world and this was a decisive thing in the choice. I am aware of the fact that an important challenge with a team awaits me here, with the latest signings announced in recent days, I think even stronger than last season. The middle blocker department is complete and very strong, we have three great players, Giannelli is among the best setters in the world. We are certainly among the strongest teams, just as there are other formations at our level such as Civitanova, Piacenza and Trento to name a few. Targets? I think everyone would answer, there are primarily Champions and league, but in today’s volleyball it is not easy. You have to be very careful in the preparation phase. It is likely that from this year onwards winning the regular season will no longer guarantee a place in the Champions League and, above all, volleyball is a playoff sport and we will have to be ready at that moment to be in optimal conditions in the crucial phase of the season. “