We are almost there, last week of preparation for Med Store Tunit and last friendly match scheduled, tomorrow at the Banca Macerata Forum against Sieco Service Ortona, at 5.30 pm. Then it will finally be the moment of the A3 championship, with the red and white expected to make their away debut on the ErmGroup San Giustino field on Sunday 9. Tomorrow’s challenge will see Med Store Tunit face a very competitive opponent, who already in the race held in Ortona during the preparation it had shown all its quality.

“We meet a strong team, with excellent individualities, such as Marshall”, confirms middle blocker Matteo Pizzichini, “It will be a useful race to fix the details we are working on, the focus will be on us, on our performance”. What aspects are you focusing on most in this last phase of preparation? “One of our weapons over the course of the season will certainly be the serve, then the wall-defense connection. It is on these points that we are working with great attention, this is what coach Gulinelli asks of us to develop his game and I must say that I am finding myself very well, I like it. We arrived at the final act of preparation, they were intense weeks where the staff made us push hard to reach the best form to start the championship and the many tests allowed us to understand how far we were “. The team works well and there is a positive atmosphere in the group, how are you finding yourself? “I’m happy, we have a group that enjoys training and playing together, it’s the engine that pushes us to work well to improve as we will spend a lot of time together. It certainly helps to know us all, including those who were already in Macerata or returned and those who met as an adversary for many years; I am also pleased to mention the younger boys, they immediately fell into the context with the right attitude ”.