Official introduction of Brescia

The last step before the first championship is always towards what Mayor Del Bono called “the city palace”. Wednesday at 16.30, in the Loggia, the mayor once again received the Tucans, thanking the Zambonardi family for their perseverance: “If it hadn’t been for their constant presence, the experience of volleyball in Brescia would probably have deflated for a long time. does. It is solid and stubborn people who determine the continuity of long-lived sports realities such as Atlantis and it is really good to still be here together. Sport – added the mayor – reaches children much better than family or school. It is a culture that conveys values ​​such as a sense of team, teaches competitive spirit, but also fair play, educational messages well embodied by champions like Cisolla who are happy to remain alongside the Tucans to represent Brescia around Italy “.

President Giovanni Ieraci and deputy Lorenzo Bonisoli opened the meeting by thanking the invaluable contribution of the sponsors, without which it would not be possible to continue their journey in Serie A, and hoping that their generosity will be confirmed or increased over time.