Official season’s Schedule for Lega Volley Serie A



Three days of Volley Market 2022, organized by the Serie A Volleyball League in the beautiful setting of Zanhotel & Centergross in Bentivoglio (BO), the event “Presentation of the 2022/23 Season and Calendars” took place relating to the 78th Volleyball Serie A Credem Banca, within which the calendars for the next season were made known.

Introduced with his usual irony by the comedian Paolo Cevoli, who broke the ice by inviting the presenter, the RAI journalist Maurizio Colantoni to the stage, the event unfolded among illustrious guests, starting with the host, the President of the Lega Pallavolo Serie To Massimo Righi, then followed by the FIPAV President Giuseppe Manfredi, and by an illustrious guest, the FIVB General Manager Fabio Azevedo.

The opening is by President Righi: “We have a bright future ahead, Italian volleyball is acquiring great credibility at the international level thanks to our national teams, we remember the four Golds last weekend. We must not forget that our youth teams are the fruit of the work of our clubs, in this regard we are working for another great season. A special mention for the Serie A2 and Serie A3 championships, which have had some great seasons this year, on which we are working to improve their quality even more. In particular the A3 Series, a real bet on our part, presented four years ago, a bet that we won, a tournament that has shown great competitive technical quality “.

It was then the turn of FIPAV President Giuseppe Manfredi: “It was magnificent to win four gold medals last week, I can say that Serie A is the pride of the Federation, we always try to safeguard them and help the clubs to maintain this. level. The results of the national team are the mirror of the clubs, we know that our technicians are the best in the world, they are the ones who prepare the athletes for our victories. Our relationship with the League is excellent, we go hand in hand along this line, we are seeing together new projects for the youth sectors, spurring each other on to do better and better ”

In the end, FIVB General Manager Fabio Azevedo: “I want to thank the Italian clubs for the work they are doing for the promotion of volleyball in the world. The whole volleyball system in the world is connected, without the clubs the events would not be the same, and vice versa. Italian clubs are an example all over the world, the success of events in Italy is thanks to the high level of Italian clubs. Our goal is to make volleyball great in the world, to inspire athletes, fans and clubs to make the world a better place than we found it, through volleyball. In this room today I see a lot of courage and passion, on behalf of FIVB I can guarantee that there is a great desire to work, grow and work together to reach an ever wider audience, there are thousands of fans around the world who are waiting for us. Long live volleyball, long live Italy! “.

The winners of the Del Monte® Coppa Italia Serie A3 (Tinet Prata di Pordenone), of the Del Monte® Coppa Italia Serie A2 (Conad Reggio Emilia), of the Del Monte® Supercoppa Serie A3 (Videx Grottazzolina), and of the Del Monte® Supercoppa Serie A2 (Agnelli Tipiesse Bergamo), and then to the winning companies of the Del Monte® Supercoppa, Itas Trentino, an award received by the president
Bruno Da Re: “We are happy with this victory, we realize that winning the Super Cup is perhaps the one that matters least, but we know that if you don’t win it in the end you are worse off”. It was then the moment of the winning team of the Del Monte® Coppa Italia, the Sir Safety Susa Perugia. So the president Gino Sirci: “Last season we did what we had to do, in addition to the victory of the Italian Cup we brought Giannelli to Perugia, a beautiful person and a leader of the national team, a person of great depth, he will be a player who will make a great season, a great combination I hope for a long time “.

The musical guests of the event are three singers from Notre Dame de Paris, Giò Di Tonno, Graziano Galatone and Vittorio Matteucci, who took turns at the awards ceremony of last season’s winners and the blocks of the 2022/23 Calendar.

The greeting from Credem Banca, title sponsor of Serie A, represented by the Head of Sponsorship Nicole Galimberti, could not be missing: “I am giving you a round of applause from Credem Banca, we have been arriving for two difficult years due to Covid, we cannot deny it, the Serie A Volleyball League is a special partner for us, no one has ever given up because there is passion, and this is what has united us over the years, even in times of difficulty. We have many and great projects for 2023, we want to continue to push the passion for volleyball “.

Nicole Galimberti then awarded the winner of Serie A2 Credem Banca, Conad Reggio Emilia represented by Loris Migliari, while Massimo Righi awarded the winners of Serie A3 Credem Banca, Luciano Sturam for Tinet Prata di Pordenone and Rossano Romiti for Videx Grottazzolina.

The newly promoted in Serie A3, TMB Monselice represented by Ennio Franco, Stadium Mirandola represented by Fabrizio Silvestri, M2G Green Bari with Antonio Laforgia and Team Volley Napoli represented by Francesco Matano were also awarded.
Obviously, the award ceremony for the winner of the Superlega, Cucine Lube Civitanova, represented by DG Beppe Cormio, could not be missing.

The video greeting of the national coach Fefè De Giorgi engaged in the VNL after the victory against the Netherlands has also arrived, which brought greetings from all the Azzurri, until finally arriving at the beginning of the Presentation of the 2022 season calendars / 23 of Serie A Credem Banca.

There was also a greeting from Guido Betti, representative of Volleyball World:
“Last season was the beginning of our journey with the aim of increasing visibility and popularity in Italy and around the world. Making the Italian championship grow and taking it abroad, a Made in Italy product in the world “.

Massimo Righi called on the stage Roberta Li Calzi, Councilor for Sport and Budget of the Municipality of Bologna, in view of the upcoming government decisions on sport and sports law reform: “First of all, thank you for continuing to choose Bologna as a location for your events. I come from a team sport, so I know that teamwork is always priceless, and I look forward to continued collaboration to strengthen the presence of volleyball in our territory “.

The Vero Volley Monza Awards ceremony took place, represented by Ilaria Conciato, for the victory of the CEV Cup, the awarding of the best referees, Andrea Puecher for the SuperLega and Antonella Verrascina for the A2 and A3 Series

Touching moment with Massimo Righi who remembers the great volleyball journalist Adelio Pistelli who died a few years ago, delivering (surprisingly) the award named after him to Maurizio Colantoni, presenter of the event, testifying his great passion and love for sport, an unexpected and extremely emotional moment.

After the last days of SuperLega, Serie A2 and Serie A3 have been unveiled, the closing of the event has arrived with the thanks of the President Massimo Righi.
The 78th Serie A Credem Banca championship is therefore officially ready to be played!

Volleyball Market 2022
The press conference at the end of the presentation with the Go2Volleyball initiative

After the presentation of the championship, President Massimo Righi stayed with the journalists in the post-event press conference, hosting the Go2Volleyball initiative, a governance certification project in synergy between Leagues and Federations.

President Righi spoke about the news of next season, with the introduction of the Final valid for 3rd place and therefore for access to the Champions League, an introduction carefully evaluated. He also spoke of the reform of the sports law decree, in the hope that the government crisis does not block the course of the reform, he spoke of the Business Plan for next season and of the collaboration with Volleyball World, which could lead to an important turning point for the diffusion of the Italian volleyball brand in the world. In this regard, the partnership with Volleyball World will include agreements of various kinds to optimize the visibility of sponsors.

Finally, Giorgio De Togni, President of the Italian Volleyball Players Association, spoke, together with President Massimo Righi, who reiterated the need for a collective agreement between players and institutions.