Starting on road

Two derbies in the first three days: Da Rold Logistics Belluno is preparing to experience a truly electrifying start to the championship. Today, in fact, the Series A3 Credem Banca calendars were published. And the start is in the sign of Veneto: because the debut match, scheduled for October 9, is scheduled in San Donà di Piave against Paolo Tofoli’s sextet, while the third act will be in the presence of the newly promoted Monselice: Wednesday October 19th, at the Spes Arena. Speaking of the Arena di Lambioi: and the home debut? The date to be circled is that of October 16, the day of the comparison with Gamma Chimica Brugherio.

INTERESTING – «I have already received the first messages from friends of San Donà – smiles coach Gian Luca Colussi -. Yes, the beginning is interesting. In the first few days, the teams that have broadly maintained the same structure start at an advantage, while those who change more need time to find the right break-in. This is our case, but also of San Donà. Different speech, however, for Monselice, who despite being newly promoted has the same backbone for years. And it’s not easy to deal with ».

FIGURINE – At least initially there will not be too long away matches: «We have to get off to a flying start – insists Colussi – because the quality level of the A3 Series has grown. There are several teams with important values, even if the “stickers” do not automatically give good results: the last word belongs to the field “. And then, while waiting for the parquet to speak, it will be time to concentrate on paper: «The favorite is Pineto – concludes the Da Rold Logistics technician -. It has a very thick roster. For our part, we want to assert the public factor: the square of Belluno has always given great answers and then, it will seem trivial, but whoever wins has more following. We will do our best to give our fans the satisfaction they deserve ».