Padova Season Tickets

The first training session of the 2022-23 season will be on Tuesday 9 August. Subscriptions: from Monday 1st August the free sale will start which will be active until 15th September.

The 2022-23 season of the bianconeri will officially begin on Tuesday 9 August. Under the guidance of coach Jacopo Cuttini and Matteo Trolese, the team will meet at the Kioene Arena to begin training ahead of the SuperLega CredemBanca championship which will start on Sunday 2 October for the home match against Modena.

Not all athletes will be available from the first day, as some will be busy with their respective national teams, in fact Asparuhov, Desmet, Takahashi, Petkovic and Zenger will join the team over the following weeks.

THE 2022/23 TEAM. Compared to the previous season, 8 interpreters have changed. Faced with the departures of Bassanello, Gottardo, Loeppky, Schiro, Vitelli, Bottolo, Zimmermann, Weber and Petrov, as many athletes arrived, including Riccardo Cengia’s promotion to the first team: Gardini, Saitta, Petkovic, Zenger, Desmet, Lelli and Asparuhov . Confirmed captains Marco Volpato, Andrea Canella, Francesco Zoppellari, Tommaso Guzzo and Federico Crosato.

SUBSCRIPTION CAMPAIGN “UNDER THE SKY OF PADUA”. Once the pre-emption phase is over on Friday 29 July, the free sale will start from 1 August. Subscription can be made exclusively online by accessing the dedicated section of the Vivaticket portal. For more information, visit the page