The official presentation of the new sporting season of WiMORE Volley Parma, which will participate in Serie A3 Credem Banca, was staged on Thursday evening at the Hotel Parma e Congressi of INCHotels Group, bringing back a historic square of Italian volleyball in a league championship at a distance of nineteen since the last experience in 2003/04 under the name of Unimade. The return of high-level volleyball to Parma was one of the key topics of the event, hosted by the journalist Simone Carpanini and in which, after the initial greetings of the INCHotels Group sales manager, Francesco Incerti, the general manager immediately took the floor. of Volley Parma, Francesco Ughetti, who underlined the great synergy between the newborn club and Energy Volley Parma, always active in the youth sector. “It is a 360-degree project that starts a long time ago, from the memories of the great tradition of volleyball in Parma but also from the youth sector of Energy Volley that has been operating in the area for twenty years. Volley Parma and Energy are two realities that work in symbiosis, one will be the driving force of the other and vice versa. For us it is a great source of pride, pride and we have a duty to make this sport as exciting as possible for the city ”. The strong imprint of Parmigianità was gutted by the sporting director of Volley Parma, Alessandro Grossi. “We hope to fill PalaRaschi and that many will come to support us during the season. We have a nice young group, with many Parmesan and you can feel the citizen spirit within the team group. We are proud to have six boys from Parma, most of whom grew up in our nursery. This is only the first step, you have to keep your feet on the ground and try to put one brick at a time. We want to save ourselves as soon as possible, then if the opportunity arises we will try to do a little more “.

Message received by coach Andrea Codeluppi, former second coach of Maxicono and Unimade, who took the stage after the fourteen players of the team together with the members of the technical, medical and managerial staff. “The company’s objectives are those of a peaceful salvation, we have already seen in the first friendlies that the competition will be fierce. We would like to offer a beautiful, rewarding, pleasing game that can attract many fans to PalaRaschi.