Sabaudia ready for next season

“We have another intense season ahead of us and we are ready to play our cards knowing that we have worked well with a project that we consider interesting and, above all, long-term”. Lino Capriglione, vice president of Sabaudia Volley, does not hide the enthusiasm following the confirmation of the registration to the men’s volleyball championship series A3, a formal step but full of meaning for the Pontine team. Sabaudia comes from a season that culminated with an exciting participation in the play-offs for promotion to Serie A2, a growing championship final that came after an initial period full of problems, swept away with enthusiasm and professionalism. “We are ready to face this new season with a lot of enthusiasm and we are doing it with the progressive reconfirmation of a large part of last year’s roster, this for us means planning – continues Capriglione – We are working a lot with athletes from our region, this means to focus a lot on the professionalism of this territory: there are many players from Lazio, but also from Pontine, who have a lot to say in an important championship like ours and we also focus a lot on their enthusiasm and the desire to demonstrate their quality ».

In recent days, the Sabaudia club presented the documentation and the Admission Commission to the Serie A Volleyball League Championships, established pursuant to the provisions of the combined provisions of the League Statute and the Admission Regulations to the Serie A Championships, has completed the examination of the documents presented confirming that Sabaudia is in possession of the requisites required by the regulation. “We are sure that we have set up a level training and we hope that the audience of Sabaudia, but also of the entire province, will be able to come to Pala Vitaletti to follow the home games and support us with enthusiasm and passion – concludes Capriglione – we will also continue our project in schools, another topic we care a lot about, without forgetting our youth sector which is continuing its progressive growth ».