San Giustino in a test match versus powerhouse Perugia

La foto delle due squadre al termine dell'allenamento congiunto al PalaBarton di Perugia

Apart from the “national” Giannelli, committed to the world championships, there were practically everyone: Leon, Cardenas, Rychlicki, Solè, Mengozzi, Piccinelli and Colaci. It was a really nice gift, the one that Sir Safety Susa Perugia gave to the Altotiberini sportsmen on the occasion of the joint training session at the San Giustino sports hall against ErmGroup, newly promoted to A3 Credem Banca who have been working for two weeks. And the public did not let themselves be prayed, between selfies and autographs with the champions who will once again be protagonists in the SuperLega, despite the fact that the appointment was set for 5 pm on Tuesday 30 August, a weekday. Then, on the afternoon of Thursday 1 September, return of the visit with a new joint session at the PalaBarton in Perugia. Two inevitably convincing tests for the biancazzurri. Andrea Anastasi of Sir and Marco Bartolini of ErmGroup, took the opportunity to carry out the first tests of their respective teams, still busy with the classic efforts of summer preparation. Tried and tested schemes and automatisms, thinking about playing without the strict constraint of the score, used only in part in Perugia. In the presence of the illustrious opponent, who had the opportunity to demonstrate all his undoubted value in several situations, the biancazzurri behaved more than worthily, providing a positive impression to the fans who wanted to see the team built for the match at work in the stands. new category from diesse Goran Maric and his staff. All obviously related to the current period. “In San Giustino, I asked the boys to demonstrate what their starting point was, without exaggerating on the jumps – said coach Bartolini – and immediately noticing an excellent climate, with a eager and attentive group. In Perugia, the training was very useful: the boys responded well to work. An exercise without and another with a score, but always at high intensity and at our profit, because in this way we get used to the speed of the game and the heights of the ball.