San Giustino medical staff

Dr. Gian Luca Neri is still the Health Manager of the San Giustino Volleyball. Likewise, Dr. Enrico Sediari and Dr. Lucia Pigliapoco remain respectively the physician and the physiotherapist of the athletes of Sangiustinesi. The close-knit staff and close to the blues and whites for several seasons now, this year is strengthened thanks to the inclusion of another professional figure, essential for the well-being of the players, Dr. Alessia Melelli, Biologist and Nutritionist. Always close to sports as an athlete, she finds herself for the first time to employ her work in this area. “Sport is a different world that gives more stimuli – says Dr. Melelli – In this environment it is very important to set up a healthy and balanced diet, also to prevent injuries and at the same time have a targeted and customized for best results “.
The Health Manager, Dr. Gian Luca Neri, is enthusiastic about this new collaboration and at the same time continuing to work together with all the medical and technical staff: “We lacked a reference figure such as that of the nutritionist, so we relied on to a young woman who, however, is competent in her sector and who becomes part of our structure. The rest is a consolidated team, which will continue to carry out its work in a timely manner, as it has always been until now. to still be part of this reality that is the San Giustino Volleyball and to collaborate with the athletic trainer Giovanni Collacchioni and the coaches Marco Bartolini and Mirko Monaldi. Thanks to their excellent work, last year no athlete suffered injuries “.