Sir Safety Susa Perugia working in practice

Sir Safety Susa Perugia returned to work this morning.
After Monday off, the Block Devils showed up regenerated at the PalaBarton for a morning workout in the weight room while technical training is scheduled on the central field of the Pian di Massiano facility in the afternoon.
The next step for the bianconeri is the home match the day after tomorrow against Valsa Group Modena, a match valid for the recovery of the fifth day and the first of four matches in ten days before the departure for the Club World Cup for Perugia expected after Modena from Cisterna on Sunday 27, from the away match on German soil in Duren on Tuesday 29th and finally from the home match against Taranto on Saturday 3rd December.
The fiery rhythm continues in the season of coach Anastasi’s boys who on Sunday evening, at the end of the match against Trento, had been very clear about it.
“We are playing at a very high pace and it is clear that we have to make evaluations. At the moment, the key match for us is Duren in the Champions League, a match that we have to take well because it is vital to score points in the Champions League before the Club World Cup. Obviously we will play all the matches to try to win them, we are aware at the at the same time that in this moment of the season some matches have a different value than others and in this period Duren has a different value. Modena arrives here on Thursday, a great team with great champions. We will prepare the best and we will face it with great respect and determination.