Visiting Pietra della Bismantova

The rally is almost at its end, but there is no shortage of activities for the Giallorossi boys; after the usual morning training on Wednesday 10 August, the team embarked on the walk towards the Pietra di Bismantova. Before reaching the top, a stop was made at the hermitage of the Stone to visit the Laudato Si Center with Marta, guide of the “il Melograno” Association, where we talked about the values ​​needed to preserve this magnificent land. Inside the hermitage it was also possible to visit the pictorial exhibition that fills the walls of the Laudato Si Center. The climb to the top of the stone was led by CAI Bismantova volunteers Ginetto Montipò and Romano Marchi.

In the evening the team attended Street Volley in Sarzassa with the girls of the Appennino Volley Team. The Cantagalli boys have in fact played in the temporary fields on the road with the athletes of the mountain team; a moment of sharing and inclusiveness that made all citizens present at the event participate. The team was also briefly presented in Castelnovo ne ’Monti in Piazza Peretti; the boys were guests at the “Wednesday of Castelnovo C’entro”. The AVIS staff of Castelnovo ne ’Monti were also present at the event.