Another Champions League game for Perugia

All ready for the sixth and final day of the Champions League Pool E with Sir Sicoma Monini Perugia awaiting the German team of SWD powervolleys Düren tomorrow evening at the PalaBarton.
Fresh from Sunday’s victory in Modena in the championship, the bianconeri will carry out the finishing technical session this afternoon, tomorrow evening at 20:30 the kick-off will kick off with live streaming on Discovery+.
With 15 points in 5 games, the Block Devils are already sure of first place in the group and are looking for a full and round victory to climb places in the ranking of the first. Ranking that will decide the playoff grid. In fact, from this season there will no longer be a draw for the knockout phase of the Champions League, but the draw will be decided precisely on the basis of the ranking of the various teams which will be drawn up at the end of the groups. Perugia is currently the third best first behind Trentino Itas and the Polish Jastrzebski Wegiel who, with equal wins and points, boast one less lost set. With one day still to go, there are obviously many possible combinations.
“In Modena on Sunday we started with a bit of difficulty also thanks to our opponents who pushed so hard. But then the team responded once again thanks to the inputs from the bench and we brought home the victory, which is what mattered most. Now we are preparing for tomorrow’s match against Düren. We are in the Champions League, every match is difficult and must be faced with the utmost commitment and maximum concentration. We will have to take the field to win and give our best, trying to improve our game and fix those things that we still don’t do in the best way”.
So Roberto Russo on the eve.
Coach Anastasi, will in all likelihood still propose a rotation of players, giving space to those who have been less employed in recent outings. A plausible initial 6+1 with Ropret in playroom, Herrera diagonally, Flavio and Mengozzi pair of centre-backs, Plotnytskyi and Semeniuk receiving hammers and Piccinelli libero.
Facing the Block Devils a Düren now out of the fight for a place in the playoffs, but still with some chance of third place in the group. Coach Marczkiewicz could start the match with the Kocian-Gevert diagonal, the Swede Pettersson and Andrei middle blocker, Brand and Ernastowicz, receiving hammers and libero Batanov.