First match with a bang in the Del Monte® Italian Cup: at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome, a setting made even more wonderful by the enthusiasm of the audience present, Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza won the first Semifinal Del Monte® Italian Cup, surprising Sir Safety Susa Perugia first defeat of the season. Thus the dream of making an encore of the 2022 success in Casalecchio di Reno fades away for the Umbrian company while the Emilians center access to the last act of their third participation.

The service performance of coach Massimo Botti’s sextet was decisive, 11 aces against the 5 of the Perugians, but also in reception Piacenza proved to be more constant than that of the Umbrians, thus allowing Brizard to better orchestrate the game.

The starting sextets go on the field: Botti recovers Leal in extremis, recovering from last Sunday’s injury in the championship match against Lube Civitanova, Anastasi sends Flavio Gualberto onto the field in the center. Ready, go and two blocks by Russo immediately launch Perugia (3-0), the Emilians equalize after a mistake by Semeniuk (6-6). Lucarelli’s block carries Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza forward (11-13) up to Riychlicki’s ace (17-17). Romanò and Brizard are decisive for the red and white (20-23), Sir Safety Susa reacts but Brizard’s ace a beautiful first set (28-30). The “Block devils” are not there and extend decisively in the second set (10-5). On 16-14 for Sir Safety Susa coach Botti takes over Leal with Recine then Gironi serving and Lucarelli impact (16-16). Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza runs away again with the services of Brizard and Lucarelli (18-21). From nine meters Botti’s boys are impalpable (5 aces to 1) and go 0-2. In the third set there is Plotnytskyi on the field in place of Semeniuk in the Umbrians but Piacenza is not intimidated (7-10, time out Anastasi). At 14-16 the coach from Perugia plays the Herrera card in place of Riychlicki but Piacenza doesn’t get upset and celebrates the victory (22-25).

Spectators: 10105

Yuri Romanò (Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza): “We knew it would be a tough match, we chased well at the beginning and then we reassembled them and went away determined”.

Andrea Anastasi (Coach Sir Safety Susa Perugia): “A lesson had to come, I’m sorry it came today, but it could have happened at any time: the lads have been good at bringing home the trophies so far, and now we have the Championship and the Champions League ”.