Bitter end of year for Volley Marcianise who surrendered 3-2 at home in the first return match against a more attentive and determined QuantWare Napoli.

Match that always travels on the edge of balance (6-6) but Napoli tries to escape with points from Cegfariello and Saccone (9-12). The three-point lead continues until QuantWare changes gear and takes a 21-16 lead. Marcianise revives (20-22) but two points in a row from Starace close the first set 20-25.

The second sees the hosts immediately try to impose their own rhythm (4-1) but Napoli doesn’t give up and two consecutive points from Saccone make it 10-11. Counter pass by Princi (block) and Marcianise who controls until 18-13 when Gavino blocks the Neapolitan attack. Dal Monte doesn’t miss the last point and the derby is back in a draw (25-20).

Same plot in the third with Drobnic catching up with his cousins ​​(5-5), ace from Alfieri and a block from Vetrano make the blue and whites fly to 12-9, but the visiting defense makes the difference and Saccone makes it 12-13. The contest increases in intensity and Drobnic’s hands are worth 14-13. Calabrese shouts, Cefariello doesn’t make an impact and then Sulista takes care of it (18-20) with Marcianise taking a risk. Coach Nacci throws Leone into the fray and the boy scores at 23-23. Last two points see Cefariello not exactly flawless and Marcianise takes the lead 2-1.

Immediate timeout at the beginning of the fourth set (1-4) but things don’t improve. Indeed, Napoli takes the lead at 12-5. Marcianise has problems in directing and only a few Neapolitan errors allow them to come back (15-18) but it’s not much to hope for. Then there is also a refereeing error which sees an invasion by Gavino but not the previous double which would have been worth 21-23. Napoli doesn’t stop and closes with Martino 20-25.

We reach the tie break with a psychological situation that is not favorable to Nacci’s men. And in fact Napoli starts with a bang, flying to 6-0. The match is scored, error after error stops Marcianise’s comeback who surrenders 10-15. A knockout that hurts and should make us reflect.