The red and white coach resumes his place on the court: he will be alongside the new coach Castellano as second coach, where he will bring his long experience in volleyball and great confidence with the red and white environment in which he has lived for many years now. Domizioli experienced great promotions up to Serie A with Med Store Tunit and in the 2021-2022 season he also led the team in the final part of the season, stopping in the Play-Off semifinals.

“I’m happy with my return to the field”, confirms coach Federico Domizioli, “I missed the field, that’s where I enjoy the most and when I spoke to the General Manager Italo Vullo, the agreement was easy. There was a will on both sides to restart together. I also had the opportunity to speak with the new coach Castellano, we knew each other from our past on the field, and there was immediate harmony, we speak the same language”. In recent weeks you have been working on setting up the team for next season, “A good group is forming and we are preparing a clear strategy to carefully study all the players. Every athlete needs specific training to enhance their characteristics”. Together with coach Castellano you will then find a Staff that you know well, “It is a well-established working group, which has perfected itself more and more over the years. Also this year the team starts with all the resources to do well, a new season of struggle awaits us and we can’t wait to return to the assault on the championship”.