News and confirmations continue to alternate in a staff of the ErmGroup San Giustino which is increasingly starting to take shape in view of the 2023/’24 competitive season. Thus the central Davide Stoppelli, born in 1992 and 198 centimeters tall, will continue to wear the blue-and-white and will become the team’s veteran, having always played there since 2018, with the sole exception of the 2020/’21 season. In the past A3 Credem Banca championship, the player born in Gubbio but residing in Città di Castello played 10 games with ErmGroup for a total of 26 sets, scoring 32 points, including 4 aces and 9 winning blocks; the other 19 scored earned him 46.3% positivity in attack. “It is with great satisfaction that I continue my relationship with Volleyball San Giustino – said Stoppelli – and after the meeting with the coaches Marco Bartolini and Mirko Monaldi I said “yes” again with greater conviction: in fact they were to tell me clearly that I was still needed. At that point, everything was automatic, so as always I will guarantee my commitment to serving the team, trying to give my contribution as I did in the season that has just ended, both at the beginning – when I had more space – and every time I I was called to the field. This year, then, the project is even more ambitious and being part of the group can only be a pleasure”.