Michele Bulleri Santa Croce head coach

Michele Bulleri will be the head coach of A2 Credem Banca’s Kemas Lamipel for the 2023-24 season. The Society of via del Concilio has formalized a choice that was already in the air, an alternative solution has never been seriously considered. Bulleri started last season as assistant coach of the first team and head of the youth sector. The separation of the Lupi from coach Mastrangelo, at the end of March, launched him in the role of “starter”, with Alessandro Pagliai as second and Matteo Morando as scoutman. Michele Bulleri made his debut as “head coach” in A2 by passing the Castellana Grotte test at Pala Parenti (3-0) and leading the team to fourth place. Once the play-offs had begun, he triumphed in the quarter-final by overcoming Prata di Pordenone (a real “black beast” of the red and whites”) with a double success, in S. Croce sull’Arno and in Friuli. Only Tonno Callipo Vibo Valentia, seasonal ruler of the championship, the Italian Cup, and the Super Cup, interrupted the path of Kemas Lamipel 2.0, a redesigned and re-motivated team that immediately recognized the Pisan coach as the new “leader”. A young coach, very prepared, attached to the colors and almost zero km (he lives in Calci, just outside Pisa, 25 minutes from S. Croce sull’Arno). Perfect identikit to lead a first team that will have the task of making the public fall in love, fill the Pala Parenti and be up to the two playoff semi-finals recently reached.
“At the time of Vincenzo’s (Mastrangelo’s) replacement, the club asked the entire staff, including Pagliai and Morando, to continue the situation. It was natural for us to accept the job but I would like to point out that the team has not been entrusted exclusively to me. Responsibilities have always been shared. The confirmation took place automatically. We have earned the trust of the C.D.A. who preferred to choose this staff situation rather than go and find someone from outside to start again from scratch”.
“Our work mainly took the form of a change of “mood” in the locker room and this was seen on the pitch, through certain performances. We are therefore very happy to be able to start again in a new situation, with the consolidated staff. I would like to underline once again that the confirmation is not only mine, but that of the entire working group without which I would have found myself (and still find myself) in great difficulty”.