To raise the level of self-esteem and confidence, in view of the away match in the Marche, Da Rold Logistics Belluno would do well to take a peek at the previous ones with Virtus Fano.

Because, taking into consideration the three comparisons between the two formations, the needle of the balance hangs on the dolomitic side. However, there is a detail of no small importance: both DRL successes accrued in the 2021-2022 season, while in the current one Vigilar has changed gears. And, not surprisingly, he looks down on everyone.

The first face-to-face with Fano dates back to 30 October 2021. And the 3-1 made by the rhinos, in a cheering Spes Arena: the four from Belluno were decisive in double figures and above all the 19 team blocks: 5 of which were printed by Maccabruni. The return match, on the other hand, has the contours of the feat: it is January 30, 2022 and the red and white, led by Stabrawa (27 points), escape on 2-0. It seems over, but the DRL goes back: he wins the third and fourth sets. And he rips the tie-break, also thanks to a providential call to the video check in the climax of the fifth act.

The rest? It’s recent history: last December 11, at the Arena di Lambioi, coach Colussi’s group made the starting partial their own, to the advantages (27-25). But, always to the advantages, gives way to the second. And in the long run he has to bow down to the unleashed Marks (31 points) and his teammates.

Sunday (7 pm), the fourth chapter of the series: at the Allende sports hall, the rhinos are looking for the coup.