To reach the playoffs, you have to climb: not one, but two positions. And in the span of a single match: the last of the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship.

The starting point for each type of reasoning is only one: Da Rold Logistics Belluno must win the full prize, Sunday 2 April (6 pm, at the Spes Arena), against Med Store Tunit Macerata.

Because she’s ninth in the standings and the top seven enter the post-season. Ninth, yes. And at an altitude of 40. But, just one point higher, there is a trio of teams: Bologna, San Giustino and Parma at 41, while Garlasco is fifth at 42.

Just Garlasco will be engaged in a direct confrontation with San Giustino. It is almost trivial to highlight it, but one of the two teams will certainly lose some points. The problem is that it might not be enough for the Dolomite team: if on the one hand the Umbrian victory at the tie-break would open the door to calculations linked to the set ratio (the three teams, in fact, would all be matched at 43, with the same number of matches won), on the other the Belluno players will have to take a “peek” at two other fields. In particular in Bologna, where Geetit receives Gamma Chimica Brugherio. And in Mirandola, where WiMore Parma performs in a derby with an unexpected outcome. Because the hosts of the Stadium need a positive result in order not to run the risk of being sucked into the penultimate place and, consequently, in the relegation zone. Or to improve your playout placement.

In short, the scenario is large and intricate. And evolution, more fluid than ever. All that remains is to spend every drop of energy face to face with Macerata. Then, hand to smartphones: the fate of the DRL is played out on four “tables”.

In the meantime, the club reminds you that pre-sales are open for Sunday’s match: just call 347.8144305 or send an email to