Lube’s fans on road in Verona

Lube’s fans “Predators” believe in Lube in Veneto. Over the weekend over 70 red and white fans, 50 by bus and more than 20 with their own means, will reach the Pala AGSM AIM in Verona to watch Game 4 of the quarterfinals Play Off Scudetto Credem Banca. On Saturday, at 8.30 pm, Cucine Lube Civitanova will challenge the hosts of WithU Verona to try to impact the series in the best of five matches. At the moment the Scaligeri have their nose ahead thanks to the victory of the first two matches, very balanced in the single partials, but the third confrontation, dominated at home by the Italian champions and with the public very involved, has rekindled the hopes of the cooking environment. In such a decisive phase the supporters want to be there to show all their support.

Coach departures on Saturday 1st April:

2.00 pm from Macerata, upper parking area of ​​the Oasis.

2.30 pm from Civitanova Marche, Eurosuole Forum car park.