Sabaudia-Marcianise will not be played. Given the positivity to Covid-19 of four Lazio members, the League has decided to postpone the meeting to a later date. A decision that comes at a decisive moment of the season, leaving the entire Marcianise environment particularly embittered. The president Dino Sgueglia specifies the position of the club towards a regulation now to be reviewed: “The clubs make a lot of efforts and sacrifices but in the end everything is thwarted. What has happened in the last few hours penalizes us and makes us very bitter. We were even ready for the finishing touches and instead we were forced to overturn the technical plans. There are problems that I cannot alter the regular course of the championship. We too had to do without affected players in the past and despite everything we took to the field. The League should immediately review a protocol which in the state of Covid seems at least exaggerated. We do not accept certain choices from those who should protect the enormous sacrifices of the clubs”.