Matteo Mozzato still in Belluno

Matteo Mozzato does not leave. And it doesn’t even double: it triples. For the third season in a row, the central player will wear a jersey that has now become a second skin: that of the DRL Volley Team. After having shone in the first year of A3, the twenty-year-old who grew up in Volley Treviso (he will blow out 21 candles next August) has archived the season of confirmation. Or rather, of the definitive consecration. Just think that he scored 198 points in 90 partials and with 35 blocks, 7 of which in the last and exciting performance against Med Store Tunit Macerata. In addition, he has always attacked with relief percentages.

«What prompted me to extend my adventure at the DRL – explains Mozzato – is the strong growth of the company also in reference to the objectives it has set itself. Furthermore, in Belluno I have always been treated at the best: no one has ever made me want for anything. And when you feel good and happy in a place, then leaving becomes really difficult».

Even in the 2022-2023 championship, the centre-back played the leading role: «But it’s a season that I can’t evaluate as totally positive because, even if by just one point, we weren’t able to reach the desired goal. In any case, we fought until the last game and this must make us proud and proud of what we did. From a personal point of view? I think I’ve grown, even in terms of character. So I feel quite satisfied».

Mozzato is already impatient: «The fact that every year the team gets stronger and stronger is an important factor. Especially for a square like Belluno, where there is a lot of passion for volleyball. For my part, I will try to improve further and I will fight to try to achieve the objectives outlined by the club».