Motta facing Santa Croce

The bitterness and disappointment after the defeat against Lagonegro are already in the attic, the mistakes made must not be forgotten, but analyzed and certainly valued to try not to be repeated. Penultimate match between the friendly walls of PalaBarbazza in San Donà di Piave against a team, Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce, who will certainly want to find their way back to victory after the defeat (third in this second leg after those against Prata and Portoviro) against Bergamo which earned fourth place in the standings.

The green-and-white lions are still there in 14th place in a ranking that unfortunately only moved by one point after last Saturday’s tie-break defeat. However, mathematics still doesn’t condemn Zanardo’s boys and there are 4 games to play with 12 points up for grabs and the unshakeable desire to try again, until the end. In the first leg, the wolves won with a very clear 3 to 0 in a practically one-way match. The precedents last season were much more fought when the lions won the first leg at the tie break, while they fell within the walls of the PalaParenti in a very tight 3 to 1.

Coach Vincenzo Mastrangelo should entrust the team to Coscione as director and Motzo on his diagonal, Hanzic and Colli as attackers in place four, Truocchio in the center paired with Gonzales and Morgese Libero. Milo Zanardo on the other side of the net could deploy Acquarone (great ex of the match) to dictate the pace and Cavasin on the opposite side, Kordas and Pol hammers receivers and the Trillini-Pilotto couple in the center.