Raffaelli excited with Taranto

Giacomo Raffaelli, new spiker for Gioiella Prisma, is preparing for the new season by practicing other sports and following the events of the Azzurri very carefully.

1. What do you think of the team now that the roster is practically finished?

I like the team overall, it’s a good team, a mix of young people and experience that I think can do well: I know many names and I’m happy because I already know who I’m going to live with this season in Puglia, and I can’t wait to start this journey all together and immerse myself in the championship.

2. A fairly clear picture of the market of the other teams is taking shape these days, which in your opinion are the most famous teams?

Surely a fairly concrete picture of the market of all the other teams is emerging, in my opinion the big names will always remain those even if they have made some changes, such as for example Kaziskij and the coach left Trento, very important pieces that have made history, even Lube and Modena have made some notable changes, while Perugia will remain more or less the same, with Piacenza which will compete more and more concretely for the Scudetto.

3. What are the ones that will surprise you?

Teams that will surprise? We hope! Now let’s see how Catania will be built, and the other teams we’ll have to compete against for direct matches. We too could be the nice surprise, certainly with the always important goal of salvation that we must never forget.

4. What are your interests outside of volleyball? (studies, hobbies, particular activities)

I like being with friends and listening to music as well as volleyball, I like playing padel, especially in the summer when I’m outside and free from the traditional activities and commitments of volleyball.

5. A thought on our national team: what do you expect from this blue summer, do you have the ambition of being able to return tomorrow to fight for the national team, perhaps after a special season in Taranto?

There is certainly always a thought for the national team: if I receive another call in the future I’ll be more than happy, but at the moment I’m following them from home, and I really like them, I’m following them with interest. I’ve also seen the games these evenings and I follow the boys with passion, who are all friends because I know many, indeed all the athletes who make up the team, so I’m very happy with what they’re doing. Who knows, maybe after this season in Taranto, I’ll have the opportunity to go back. I hope so and we will see, I will certainly give everything.