Another important confirmation in the chessboard of ErmGroup San Giustino. For the third consecutive season, the spiker Ridas Skuodis – born in 1995 and 192 centimeters tall – will wear the blue-and-white shirt, at the end of a Serie A3 Credem Banca championship that saw him on the field in all 26 matches, with 86 sets played, 181 points scored, 24 aces, 460 hits in reception of which 111 perfect, 349 attacks carried out and 134 scored, with a positive percentage of 38.4%; always in attack, 0.3% of errors stands out (only 9) and finally there are also 23 winning blocks. A contribution, his, which arrived “smeared” on all the fundamentals. Skuodis therefore remains in San Giustino, despite some rumors at the start: “I don’t deny that there was also this hypothesis – declared the player of Lithuanian origin – but then an agreement was found with the club and also with mutual satisfaction ”. Will Skuodis continue to be one of the team’s drivers? “By now everyone knows me and the character that animates me: I am someone who believes a lot in the strength and unity of the group, so my behavior will always be oriented in this direction. The season that just ended was special for me: in the meantime, I played my first Serie A3 championship as a starter and I settled in this category, then sometimes I did well and sometimes not so well. I believe I have always given my contribution and if in the end the management held me back, it means that I must have actually done something good”.