“Doubling” in black and white absolutely deserved for Gregor, an exemplary athlete and professional capable of demonstrating great seriousness and a sense of responsibility last year in an always very complicated role such as that of assistant setter. But Ropret was able to do it better thanks to his technical and moral qualities and his great experience acquired over the years with clubs and with his national team.
Always ready when called upon, always present even just for one shift at the service, always the first to spend himself in training during the week and to ensure the highest quality every day at PalaBarton.
For the born in 1989, a native of Ljubljana, the pleasure of telling about this contract renewal.
“I am very happy to be able to stay in Perugia again next season. I had a great time last year and so did my family. The city is beautiful, there is a great club and there is a fantastic team that will be more or less similar to last season. We know that last year we could have done better especially in the final phase of the season and I’m happy to have another chance together with my team-mates to be able to do great things and try to win more trophies. I’ve heard great things about Angelo Lorenzetti, he won a lot in Italy, he’s definitely a great coach and I’m really happy to have the opportunity to work with him. I send a big hello to our fans, the best for me. I hope they will be close to us every game next year too because together we can do great things.”

A busy week for the Juventus youth sector. The week started yesterday with the regional final, all by Sir, of the under 13 category held in the sports hall of Sigillo. The final saw the Volley Giovanile Sir Perugia of coach Moscioni and the Sir Safety Mericat of the couple Bonifazi-Bulletta on the field. She was the first to win in two sets (25-17 and 25-11 partials) and to win the title of under 13 category regional champion. But in the end, how beautiful and right it is especially for such young athletes , it was a party for everyone.
This is the Volley Youth Sir Perugia under 13 regional champion: Covarelli Lorenzo, Valocchia Lorenzo, Bertoia Jacopo, Grbic Milos, Galiano Alessio, Ottaviani Alessandro, Ruta Giovanni, Menetti Iacopo, Baldacchini Alessandro, Mencaglia Gabriele, Magrini Edoardo, Martinelli Francesco. All. Moscioni Andrea.
Sir Safety Mericat seconda classificata: Perticoni Mario, Spahiu Leonard, Ronca Francesco, Capece Giulio, Mancinelli Bernardo, Palumbo Mauro, Rossi Tommaso, Pellegrini Pietro, Tabarrini Matteo, Chiocchini Tommaso, Lerro Alessio Rhai’, Dornescu Luca. All: Francesca Bonifazi, Jacopo Bulletta.
Increasing in age, the under 17 regional champions of Sir Safety Mericat coach Fontana left for Trentino-Valsugana in the late morning. Waiting for the young Block Devils for the national category finals with the elimination round starting tomorrow morning. Opponents of the bianconeri are Volley Olimpia Aosta, Volley Prata and Volley Milano with the first one going on to the final phase of the competition.
Under 17 squad: Falorni Tommaso, Vagnetti Mattia, Dionigi Filippo, Grbic Matja, Meattelli Giorgio, Severini Michele, Fossa Filippo, Fiori Riccardo, Vagnetti Luca, Salucci Tommaso, Conversini Gabriele, Sforna Leonardo. All. Fontana Carmine.
Nel fine settimana infine, precisamente da giovedì 1 giugno a domenica 4 giugno, finali della Junior League organizzate dalla lega Pallavolo Serie A nelle sedi di Civitanova Marche e Porto Potenza Picena. Dieci le formazioni ai blocchi di partenza con i Block Devils inseriti nel girone A con Gamma Chimica Brugherio, Pallavolo Padova, Valsa Group Modena ed Emma Villas Aubay Siena mentre nel girone B si daranno battaglia Itas Trentino, Cucine Lube Civitanova, Vero Volley Monza, Top Volley Cisterna e WithU Verona.
Questa la formazione Junior League della Sir Safety Susa Perugia: Mattia Cesarini, Luca Palazzetti, Riccardo Antecini, Filippo Andreini, Vittorio Broccatelli, Michele Modugno, Alessandro Brilli, Alberto Montini, Pietro Volpi, Francesco Brozzi, Alessandro Mogini, Francesco Guerrini, Lorenzo Pace. All. Carmine Fontana, vice all. Andrea Piacentini.