Volley Savigliano is trying to put the 2022/23 sports season in the off mode. In fact, the memories of a year are still too vivid which, precisely on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the club, brought Monge-Gerbaudo to the highest point in its history, with participation in the final eight of the Coppa Italia and the access to the quarter-finals of the Serie A3 Credem Banca playoffs. Too much to be able to forget them so quickly.

Among the architects of the great Savigliano goal, a first-rate role, albeit often behind the scenes, was covered by Corrado Caula, the Sports Director who in the summer of 2022 shaped a creature capable of erasing the season’s relegation from memory previous one, taking the square to shores never explored in five decades of life.

Caula, from a purely sporting point of view, what is the balance sheet for 2022/23 of Monge-Gerbaudo Savigliano?
I would say an exceptional balance sheet. Let’s not forget that last August we showed up at the starting line with the objective of salvation and with a 60% renewed roster: it could have been a risk, also because, even though we knew the technical qualities of the guys we had believed in, we hadn’t known them since human point of view and we didn’t know what alchemy they would be able to create. Putting aside the rust at the beginning of the season, the rest was all beautiful, thanks to their enthusiasm and the work of the technical staff.

And to think that last September few would have thought of such a season…
My collaborators and I took risks, because we were certain that some profiles were the right ones for us. Thanks to the work of the two technicians, the potential of this group has been fully exploited, with the results that we all know. The merit, however, also goes to the management, who have never failed to be present, even in the weekly training sessions.

What made the difference compared to 2021/22?
We learned the lesson after our first experience in Serie A3 Credem Banca. We experienced first-hand how the technical and physical level was different compared to Serie B. We needed a change of mentality and game system, and we managed to put it on the pitch.