Semifinal – Del Monte® Coppa Italia Serie A2
Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina – Consar Ravenna 0-3 (18-25, 22-25, 22-25) –
Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina: Marchiani 0, Fedrizzi 9, Canella 1, Nielsen 19, Cattaneo 0, Mattei 6, Cubito 1, Vecchi 4, Lusetti 0, Mitkov 1, Romiti (L), Marchisio (L). N.E. Ferraguti, Foresi. All. Ortenzi. Consar Ravenna: Mancini 3, Raptis 14, Grottoli 3, Orioli 19, Feri 8, Bartolucci 5, Chiella (L), Goi (L), Russo 0. N.E. Mengozzi, Arasomwan, Rossetti, Menichini, Benavidez. All. Bonitta. ARBITRI: Serafin, Clemente, Salvati. NOTE – durata set: 25′, 28′, 29′; tot: 82′.


Consar Ravenna is the first finalist team of the Final Four Del Monte® Coppa Italia Serie A2: Marco Bonitta’s team, involved in the first Semi-final inside the Palasport of Cuneo, surpasses Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina by the maximum margin. The first set was one-sided, the second and third sets were more competitive, with Ortenzi’s boys trying to reopen the match but without succeeding. Top scorer of the evening Mattia Orioli who, with 19 total points (the same ones scored by the other opposite, Breuning Nielsen) gave Ravenna the final. Alexandros Raptis also stood out, closing his match with 14 points scored. At 7.30 pm on the Consoli Sferc Brescia and Delta Group Porto Viro pitch.

Grottazzolina on the pitch with Marchiani as director and Nielsen as opposite, Fedrizzi and Cattaneo in the squad, Canella paired with Mattei in the centre. The libero is Marchisio. For Consar Ravenna the main diagonal is made up of Mancini and Orioli, the spikers are Raptis and Feri while the central defenders are Bartolucci and Grottoli, with Goi libero.

Mattia Orioli (Consar Ravenna): “It was a difficult match, we expected it, we were without Alessandro Bovolenta. We all did well, credit to the team, a great match. We did well in the first set and we worked well on defense, it was a great team match. Marco Bonitta’s hand can be seen a lot, we worked a lot this week with the three spikers. Today the understanding with the setter also went well, we have been working together for some time. We are waiting for our fans, we are here, we will give our best.”

Andrea Mattei (Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina): “Ravenna’s merits are on the management side, they kept us on every front, they were united from the first point. There is a lot of regret on our part, honor to them. There was a moment when we expected things to come by themselves and that wasn’t the case, Ravenna held the game on every front. Maybe we missed the approach to the match, we let the second set slip away while in the first and third sets Ravenna was very strong on serve. Thinking about the promotion to the Super League it is clear that we are still talking about it even though a few days have passed, we had to put the icing on the cake, we will try to do it in the Super Cup. We will try to be more careful in training, also because we will play it at home.”

Semifinal – Del Monte® Coppa Italia Serie A2
Sabato 11 maggio 2024, ore 19.30
Consoli Sferc Brescia – Delta Group Porto Viro

Arbitri: Santoro Angelo, Armandola Cesare (Grassia Luca)
Video Check: Pinto Sonia
Segnapunti: Grillone Francesco
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Final – Del Monte® Coppa Italia Serie A2
Domenica 12 maggio 2024, ore 17.30
Consar Ravenna – Consoli Sferc Brescia/Delta Group Porto Viro
Diretta VBTV e Sky Sport Max

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Del Monte® Coppa Italia Serie A2