Both are from Padova. They defended the colors of the Volley Team San Donà di Piave. And they want to win. Even with the new Belluno Volley jersey. Nicolò Bassanello and Enrico Basso officially enter the large rhino family. The first is free, the second is central: the roles are different. The ambition is the same: «These are two excellent players – said president Sandro Da Rold, during the presentation press conference -. Both dedicated to work, professional and united by a great sense of responsibility. As a fan told me, with this collective we will not trot, but gallop.”

WORK ETHIC – Basso returns to perform on the A3 stage, where he raised the Italian Cup and Super Cup to the skies, in 2023: «I find myself in a reality that aims high and this can be seen from the choices made in terms of players, but also of technical and managerial staff. Everyone spoke well to me about the environment: there is a nice climate here. And it’s an ideal place to work.” Enrico is a complete center back: «I consider myself “malleable”, I believe I am an element capable of quickly finding harmony with the setter. And who knows how to adapt: ​​in this regard, I try to best express my physical potential and technical skills.” Off the pitch, the former Pineto player is a calm guy: «Almost boring – he smiles -. In the sense that I only think about behaving like a professional: I go to bed early at night, I get to the gym on time in the morning. I have an enviable work ethic.”

PROFESSIONAL – Bassanello, on the other hand, is fresh from the A3 playoff final: «I am an ambitious boy and in Belluno Volley I found the club I was looking for. When the proposal came to me, I didn’t think too much about it. Also because the team that was being born was very competitive: accepting was easy.” Gonzalo Martinez will also play in the libero role: «Internal competition is welcome, it’s an extra incentive to improve. And it helps to increase the level in the match, as well as in training. The coach will then decide from match to match.” The twenty-eight-year-old, master of the second line, blossomed in the Padova Volleyball academy: «A club that gave me the imprint of a professional. And he tries to take his players to a higher step.” The libero boasts a wide range of experiences: «This will be my tenth year in Serie A. And I understood that results come when the group is united, cheerful and optimistic: on and off the field».