After last Sunday’s 3-1 success, the third in three playoff matches, Belluno Volley has resumed training in view of the challenging trip to Calabria. Challenging, yes: not only due to the depth of an opponent like OmiFer Palmi, capable of already putting two trophies on the board this season, but also due to logistical issues.

THE PROGRAM – The rhinos, in fact, will leave from Venice airport on Saturday 20 April, at 7 am. And they will land in Lamezia Terme in the late morning. At that point, they will leave their luggage and reach the Reggio Calabria sports hall, where they will carry out a training session around lunch time. At the end, here is the final transfer to the hotel, where the group will have dinner and spend the night. On Sunday 21st, however, there will be room for finishing in the hall named after Mimmo Surace: the same one that will host game 2 of the quarter-finals. Then, at 6pm, the match will begin, at the end of which coach Colussi’s group will not return to the Dolomites: they will spend another night in Calabria and will board the return flight on Monday 22nd, at 3.45pm.

THE FORMULA – If the formula for the post-season round of 16 were in force, Belluno Volley would only need to win two sets to qualify. And instead, from the quarter-finals, each series is a best of three matches: this means that, to access the next round, it is necessary to win two matches. Regardless of the outcome. If OmiFer prevails, the teams will face each other again on Wednesday 24 April (8.30 pm), at the Spes Arena, for the third and final match: the decisive one.

WAIT FOR THOSE TWO – In game 1, they took the weight of responsibility on their shoulders and dragged their OmiFer for a long time. The reference is to Pawel Stabrawa and Francesco Corrado: the main guns of the Calabrians, at the Lambioi Arena, attacked 65 percent of the total balls. The Polish opponent “hammered” 47 times, finding 21 points, while Corrado was urged on 30 occasions by his setter. Limiting Palmi’s two bombers is one of the keys – perhaps the main one – to avoid extending the series.

COVERAGE – Between Palmi and Belluno, the distance as the crow flies is almost a thousand kilometres. Supporting live rhinos, therefore, becomes an undertaking that to define as complicated is an understatement. Fans, however, will be able to follow captain Fabio Bisi and his teammates via streaming. Because, also on this occasion, the match will be broadcast on the Lega Volley YouTube channel.Belluno flewto Calabria