About a month ago, at the end of a training session, Dario asked me to sit down because he had to tell me something.

Between me and me I didn’t think he would tell me that this would be his last season because he is still in perfect shape and our starter in the starting six.

Instead it was exactly what he wanted: to tell me that after 19 years with us (so many battles and joys, and even some disappointments) the time had come to hang up his shoes and finish his volleyball career in perfect shape.

Dario started with us way back in 2005, arriving from Asystel Milano, which had had problems in those years, after winning a European Junior Championship.

Until 2011 he was with us in Serie B1, when we won the category and moved to Serie A2. Unfortunately we were immediately relegated, but we experienced a prompt and immediate rise together in 2013, and then spent 11 years still in Serie A2, the second overall category of men’s volleyball.

After the departure of Ubi Gerosa, from 2017, for 7 years he was our undisputed Captain for his charisma and wisdom in his behavior (never got a yellow card or a disqualification).

It is certainly a beautiful story of an athlete, a man who now leaves a huge void in all of us, and knowing that Sunday will be among his last matches with our shirt makes us quite sad because it is like losing a constant beacon of reference in a sea ​​today increasingly rough.

Good luck Dario!
Ambrogio Molteni