Young people represent the future of volleyball, and it is precisely for this reason that president Fabrizio Ruggiero has decided to embrace a far-sighted philosophy, which aims to support emerging talent to ensure that it explodes step by step in the professional world.
In the shadow of Calogero Tulone, a director arrives in the Sorrento Peninsula who has already enchanted observers from all over Italy. Born in 2005, Alessandro Becchio grew up in Parella Torino, where he began his unstoppable journey with the Under 12s in 2016. The very young setter burns through all the stages, going through the entire process in the youth categories, up to his long-awaited debut in A3 in the 2021 season /22. A month ago Becchio defended the colors of the Piedmontese club at the Under 19 Nationals, leading his teammates to a very prestigious seventh place. Now the director is ready to leave his comfort zone and land in Campania to wear the colors of ShedirPharma Sorrento.