Rana Verona’s season has gone to the archives and in recent weeks it is time to take stock of what happened. The offensive package produced good results also and above all thanks to the distribution by the control room, well orchestrated by Luca Spirito, who finished his eighth year – the seventh in a row – within the Scaliger walls and took the field in 31 of the 33 matches played by Coach Stoytchev’s team, for a total of 115 sets played.

The Ligurian setter had the possibility of serving an important battery of attackers, who he was able to alternate continuously, also considering the frequent changes to the starting sextet. From place four to place two, passing through the central area of ​​the net, everyone was able to grasp the suggestions of the number 13 from La Scala, capable of guaranteeing an excellent contribution even during the implementation phase. In fact, 59 points were scored, of which 35 break points, with 23 winning blocks in all competitions. His serve, however, was always treacherous and often made life complicated for the opposing defenses, even finding 15 aces.

The most significant performance, also in terms of contribution of points scored, was recorded in the last outing of the first round of the Regular Season at Civitanova. On that occasion, Spirito got on the scoresheet 6 times, with 2 aces and the same number of block points. On the fourth day of his return, however, he received the MVP award for his performance against Catania, the twelfth nomination he has received since playing in the SuperLega championship.

Statistics for the 2023/2024 season

Games played: 31
Sets played: 115
Points: 59
Break point: 35
Ace: 15
Winning attacks: 21
Attack percentages: 53.8% positivity
Winning blocks: 23