The tandem of second line specialists for next season is also completed.
Sir Susa Vim Perugia announces the return of Alessandro Piccinelli to the squad who, together with Max Colaci, will complete the libero department available to Angelo Lorenzetti.
Twenty-seven years old, great reliability in reception and one of the best bagher around. It’s easy to talk about Alessandro Piccinelli who arrived in Perugia at a very young age and grew up season after season. Five years under the PalaBarton vaults, always paired with Colaci in the Juventus second line, made him grow and mature like the last season he spent as a protagonist in the Super League in Cisterna. Now Alessandro returns to Perugia, ready as always to make himself available to the coach and his teammates.
“I am really happy to return to Perugia to a team and a club where I have always been welcomed very well.” This is the first thought of the “Picci” who continues. “I return to Perugia with a greater wealth of experience and with more awareness after a year as a starter spent in Cisterna. I always come back ready and available to the team and I come back to continue my growth path by adding an extra brick as I have always tried to do season after season.”
Piccinelli finds many companions and a completely new technical guide.
“It’s true, I meet up with many of my teammates from past seasons and I’m happy about it. At the same time I can’t wait to start working with the new technical staff. I had the opportunity to speak with Lorenzetti and the other members of the staff, my impressions were really positive, I’m looking forward to starting in the gym”.
Another thing that Alessandro can’t wait to find again is the “noise” of the PalaBarton.
“A “noise” that is always better to have on your side rather than as an opponent”, smiles Piccinelli. “I am very happy to be able to relive a stadium where you can breathe a magical atmosphere”.