Another appointment for Sir Susa Vim Perugia with the “La Sir a Scuola” project promoted by the club with the patronage of the Umbria Region, the Province of Perugia and the Municipality of Perugia and in collaboration with the Regional School Office in particular in the figure by Prof. Lorenzo Bertinelli. A project that sees the Block Devils around the schools of the district.
This morning Simone Giannelli and Roberto Russo, accompanied by the staff, stopped in Perugia as guests of the “Aldo Capitini” Technical Economic and Technological Institute.
The Headmaster Silvio Improta and the technical-sports teachers welcomed the two Juventus champions. After a brief meeting in the Presidency, the two athletes moved to the “Capitini Congress Center” of the Province of Perugia where about 200 students, both from the technical-sports branch and from the entire economic and technological center, were present for a morning which turned out to be really enjoyable. The two world champions listened to the students’ questions and curiosities, recounting the path that led them to become professionals in sport and revealing some anecdotes from their careers.
“As Itet-Capitini we have always tried to use sport as a training tool”, explains the Coordinator of the Institute’s Motor Science Department Prof. Paolo Ambrosi. “We are always careful to create customized PFP programs for student-athletes. Today was a great opportunity as well as a great honor to host two great champions like Russo and Giannelli on the occasion of the ‘La Sir a Scuola’ project. The meeting was an opportunity to experience first-hand the experiences of those who have managed to make sport a profession and I am convinced that a positive message reached the young people present.”