The extraordinary season of Sir Susa Vim Perugia also passed through his hands. Or better yet the muscles of the Block Devils have passed through his care. Treatments which, given the great physical condition of President Sirci’s boys throughout the year and especially in the key moments coinciding with the conquest of the four trophies, worked best.
Juventus athletic trainer Sebastian Carotti is still in Perugia to set up his work and plan for next season. Argentine heart and blood in his veins, in his first season in Perugia Carotti immediately conquered everyone for his dedication and approach to work, for maximum determination and great competence demonstrated every day at PalaBarton.
The period is a break from the clubs’ competitive commitments, but Carotti together with all the staff have never stopped.
“With the first team players who were not busy with their respective national teams – explains Seba – the “post season” began on 6 May, that is, after a week of rest following game 4 of the final. At the same time, this phase began with the young people of the club on May 20th at the end of the national category finals and the regional Serie C championship. This is a very important period to be able to work on three essential aspects: the development of strength, including different working angles, the technical development of some exercises that have a very high technical-coordinative component, not always recommended during the season, and creating some working dynamics that we will use throughout the next season also with the first team. With this type of work we try to ensure that the kids, both those who will join the first team and those who will start work with the youth sector, achieve good conditions to begin the preparation activity for the next season”.
Carotti is following, albeit naturally from a distance, the Block Devils involved with their national teams (“With the utmost respect for the autonomy of the work of the national team staff, I try to keep myself informed on the conditions of our players by contacting colleagues and/or athletes”, he says Seba) and has already planned what the work will be like when activity resumes in August also with reference to the fact that some players will join the rest of the team later.