The construction of a roster that looks to the future continues, through the choice of young talents to rely on in the long term. Born in 2005, raised in Meta Volleyball, place 2 Michele Ciampa is the first fruit of a partnership with the company of president Pasquale Apreda, aimed at opening a highway for the strongest and most talented athletes who walk along the road excellently traced by the coaches Luigi Russo and Marilù Cilento. Ciampa is the clear example that sacrifice and dedication always pay off: he played his entire career in Under 19, deserving the opportunity to shine in Serie A in agreement with the Volley Meta technical staff. The opposite, in addition to being a point of reference for the first team, will be able to carve out more roles and further space between Serie B and the Junior League, where he is preparing to be a protagonist,

After a season full of satisfactions, between the salvation achieved with the Meta and the participation in the U19 national teams, the opportunity arrives for you to join the Serie A group to continue your growth path. Did you expect this leap, and how are you living the days preceding the start of the new season?

“I have to say I was expecting the upgrade. After 3 years of Serie B, in the last season I carried out some training sessions with Folgore together with the first team group, and I experienced indescribable emotions. In this period I am playing beach volleyball, as well as training hard in the gym to be ready for work again. There’s a lot of adrenaline, and I can’t wait to get started.”

First team but not only. For you the possibility of carving out a lot of space for yourself in B and especially Junior League. How much desire is there to face this new challenge and grow alongside expert athletes and young talents?

“I am very excited to be able to compete in the Junior League: a top level competition, with many strong teams and athletes who are already starters in higher categories. It goes without saying that facing high caliber opponents helps to increase one’s wealth of experience. We aim to compete with everyone: we count on an important roster, and if there is cohesion in the group, no result can be denied to us.”